A Common Platform for a New Industry

Industry4Ukraine is a common platform for industry associations, clusters and other stakeholders, reflecting our vision of industrial development in Ukraine. On June 25, we have the meeting to agree a joint Manifesto for Ukrainian Industry. The Manifesto – as the platform's statement document, – calls on the newly elected president, the future parliament and political parties to bring the key challenges of industrial development into the highest priority of their agendas. The manifesto sets up long-term principles of development in the era of globalization and digital technologies, and formulates common requirements for accelerating the reform of Ukrainian industry.

The initiators of this movement are the Association of Industrial Automation of Ukraine, the Council of Entrepreneurs at the Cabinet of Ministers, the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, the Office of Reforms at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the European Innovation Agency, and the Ukrpromzovneshekspertiza.

3 key calls to government bodies

Set up of industrial development on the top of political agenda

Launching a strategy that focuses on creating new manufacturing capabilities and digitalisation

Establishing the post of Deputy Prime Minister for Industrial Policy

The main principles of the new industrial policy

Creating a favorable business climate in the country

The development of Ukrainian industry requires basic reforms – judicial, regulatory, financial services, intellectual property rights protection, etc.

The primary focus is on medium and high-tech sectors

The focus in development should be on the sectors producing the highest added value, able to create jobs and with capability to be integrated into global and local production chains.

Inclusive approach and co-ordination

Rules of the game should be the same for all manufactures. At the same time, promotion of small and medium-sized businesses should remain a priority of state policy.

Massive and fast digitalization

Implementation of the initiatives envisaged by the Digital Agenda of Ukraine and the National Strategy for Industry 4.0.

Support for the development of innovative ecosystems

The State should ensure and speed-up the creation of viable infrastructural elements, as techno-industrial parks, business incubators, technology transfer centers and R&D, accelerators, and so on.