New industrial strategy of Ukraine

The new industrial strategy was developed by the Department of Industrial
Development of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.
in the period 2017-2018 with the participation of representatives of broad
business circles. The strategy is not approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of
Ukraine and is still in a state of waiting. For more information, see the link here.

New Innovative Strategy of Ukraine

The new innovation strategy of Ukraine, developed by the Ministry of
Education and Science of Ukraine in 2018, passed several agreements with
the public and academic circles. Not approved. For more information, see
the link here.

Committee of Industrial Policy of the Verkhovna Rada

The website of the committee has published news, statements, transcripts of
meetings, legislative acts in the field of industrial policy. For more information, see the link here.

Manifesto of Employers of Ukraine

The employer’s manifesto was prepared by the Federation of Employers of
Ukraine in 2019. The Federation unites more than 6,000 industrial
enterprises. The manifesto contains the key medium-term goals and objectives that the FSA proposes for the Ukrainian economy. Details-by the link.

Charter of the Movement “Industry 4.0 in Ukraine”

National Movement “Industry 4.0 in Ukraine” was created in 2019. The
charter describes the general provisions for the pooling of key stakeholders -industry, IT and industrial engineering. Details – by the link.

Communication platform “Technical regulation in Ukraine”

The platforms are designed to increase the awareness of business
representatives about the practical aspects of using technical regulation,
standardization and metrology. The main task is to ensure the principle of a “single information window” for the access of a wide range of users to all the necessary information on technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures, accreditation, standardization, metrology and metrology activities. Details – by the link.


A similar site created before the elections to the European Parliament in the
spring of 2019. A manifesto was adopted – a joint statement was agreed upon by more than 500 European industrial associations. Among them – the
requirement to continue investment in industrial development and the post of Deputy Prime Minister of Industrial Policy. Details – by the link.